Reviews and monitors the situation in Libya and neighboring countries with specific regard as to how it relates or may have an impact on operations in the country and region.
• Advises the members and the Coordinator of the Fact-Finding Mission with regard to all security and related matters and develops tactics, techniques and procedures in accordance with the provisions of the UN Security Management System for the safe conduct of the Fact-Finding Mission operations with special focus on field missions.
• Accompanies staff members to the field as a part of special activity such as monitoring missions, and investigation missions.
• Maintains continuing lines of communication with security focal points and all other agencies involved in peacekeeping and other missions to ensure maximum security coordination.
• Conducts regular Security Risk Management of field activity and analysis of the security situation in locations where the Fact-Finding Mission is or intends to operate to enable appropriate security responses with regard to safety and security of staff in coordination with the United Nations Department of Safety and Security (UNDSS).