1. Why should I choose your service? How can you help me? a. A team spends several hours a day, looking for new jobs for you.
b. A low price, relative to the volume of work performed. Less than 14 cents / day.
c. You don't waste time looking for jobs, we take care of that and you can do anything else. We cover your back.
2. Can I have access to jobs without paying? a. If you want to test our service for free, please visit the contact page and let us know. A test account will be created for you.
b. Another option for free access to jobs is to search on the Internet yourself. But consider the time wasted compared to what we can do for you.
3. If I pay, do I automatically get a job? Please don't laugh, but I got this question. No, you don't automatically get a job. We do not hire. We are not recruiting. We do not facilitate employment. What we do is help you save your time wasted looking for jobs. Our team takes on this task.
4. Why do I have to pay for access? Each of us has bills to pay. Our time is dedicated to finding new jobs for you. In addition, we have server maintenance fees, administrative fees, we pay taxes, salaries, electricity, internet and many more.
5. Can you look for a certain type of job for me that does not appear on the site (for example - dog trainer / K-9 EDD)? /
Of course we can. If you are a member and want to find a specific type of job, please let us know. We will do this for you at no extra charge.
6. How safe is the payment? a. Payment to activate the account is not made through the site, but using a payment processor, called 2checkout. It is one of the most used and secure payment methods, globally. More details about 2checkout - here.
7. If I represent a company, can I post jobs on this portal? Of course. Please contact us using the contact form.