Major Duties and Responsibilities

1. Uses forensic tools and investigative methods to find specific electronic data, including Internet use history, word processing documents, images, and other files. Uses their technical skills to hunt for files and information that have been hidden, deleted, or lost.

2. Conducts investigation in Office of Corporate Investigations, Legal, Human Resources, and across Internal Fraud teams to align on strategy and enforce the subsequent controls required to investigate and prevent insider threat activities such as intellectual property theft, data loss, IT Sabotage, Espionage, and general harm to corporate assets and reputation.

3. Helps investigation officials analyze data and evaluate its relevance to the case under investigation. Analysts also transfer the evidence into a format that can be used for formal investigation purposes.

4. Routinely participates in the review of new SIEM use cases, develops and updates incident response playbooks to ensure response activities align with best practices.

5. Investigates existing data breaches and security incidents.

6. Documents malware threats; identifies procedures and techniques to avoid malware threats; classifies malware by threats and commonalities.

7. Participates in research/evaluation, development, implementation of protection tools.