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All contractors have a big problem: not enough time for job hunting. Sound familiar? They were busy working 12 hour days and the last thing they wanted to do was spend all their free time running around the internet. So we started Security Jobs website, to help them out. And it worked. Over the past 8 years, we have worked hard to make Security Jobs website as valuable as possible for the members. This website is just one tool for your overseas job search, but an important one. Security Jobs website is designed to help you speed up your overseas job search with tools and information. To save you as much time as possible, we spend hours every day looking for news, information and developing tools.

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This site supplies the jobseeker with a professional layout that improves his chances of getting an international job, is easy is to use, and focuses on creating a centre of attention to job advertisers over many industries. It’s an all-in-one site that aims to bring the jobseeker and recruiter together. There are unique services, such as job alerts which you can select to receive email messages immediately when new jobs are posted in your field of expertise.

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Why does our service charge a small fee?
Our service started out as a free service and maintained this for more than a year. Our member feedback and support became a full-time job, and we also set about creating a unique web-site at own cost. To cover development cost, and to be sustainable, we have no choice but to charge a small fee for services. We can proudly state that our fees are extremely competitive compared to other sites.
For us, to provide a sustainable professional service, someone has to run the back office. These offices are equipped with pc’s, machines, printers and telephones which of course generate IT service fees, hosting fees, costs of secure email servers and development of the web-site. Further to that, someone has to continuously source current industry vacancies, contact affiliates and source services that benefit our members.

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