-Oversees the continuous monitoring and protection of facilities, personnel, and security information systems. Evaluates suspected security breaches and recommends corrective actions. Directs activities of the security staff involved in monitoring access to and patrolling of the premises. Plans, coordinates and manages the day-to-day activities of the contracted guard force if order to provide inclusive security protection services at all GS/OAS premises. Manages the program for monitoring entry of members of delegations, staff and visitors to all GS/OAS buildings. Oversees the monitoring of deliveries to the GS/OAS buildings, including mail, couriers’ firms, and official envelopes and packages. Screens personnel and recommends the selection of prospective security guard officer candidates, as well as special training to update and improve officer’s skills. Develops, implements and presents security training to all security staff, including contractors. Manages and monitors projects carried out by contract staff. Develops, reviews and maintains manuals and guides such as the Security Operations Procedures, the “Security Intranet” information; directives such as the Fire Safety/Evacuations brochure, Security Services Contract Performance Checklist, Security Guidelines for travelers. Drafts memoranda, circulars, notices and security reports for consideration of the Division Chief/or Director.