The Executive Protection Specialist will provide for the welfare, physical protection, and security of a high-profile client. The Specialist will work in a team environment and support the Global Events and Corporate Security teams with executive event planning and support.

Essential Functions:

  1. Represent Pinkerton’s core values of integrity, vigilance, and excellence.
  2. Provide close protection and other security-related functions for the client during domestic and/or international assignments.
  3. Coordinate with the client’s Corporate Security team through provision of support for security matters ranging from site security to investigations.
  4. Provide security support and advice to the Global Events staff for meetings and events where executives will be present to ensure an appropriate level of protection.
  5. Engage and maintain effective relationships with local security providers and law enforcement agencies to ensure an ability to cover events or obtain assistance when required.
  6. Lead all aspects of trip planning, execution, and logistics;
    • Coordinate with numerous internal and external teams including corporate travel teams, executive office staff, third-party security firms, and local law enforcement.
    • Conduct advance visits to ensure logistics are carefully planned and performed.
    • Handle emergency situations including security threats, natural and/or human-made disasters, and medical emergencies.
  7. Provide corporate event executive protection coverage and support executive activities related to corporate events;
    • Maintain relationships and communication in partnership with the Corporate Events Security leadership for all global events involving executive protection coverage.
    • Partner with the security team and/or security vendors to ensure security is provided as necessary.
    • Provide assistance during events and help oversee other resources in the provision of security.
  8. Partner with key stakeholders to successfully prevent and resolve issues.
  9. All other duties, as assigned.

Education, Experience, and Certifications:
Bachelor’s degree with at least 10 years executive protection or security experience. Law enforcement or military experience preferred.