1. Developing, implementing and evaluating policy, projects and activities related to: the Mission’s security sector work, including security governance; counter-terrorism and prevention of violent extremism and radicalization leading to terrorism; arms control; and civilian security aspects such as police modernization, border management, anti-corruption, cybersecurity, and disaster risk reduction;
  2. Directing and supervising the work of the Department of Security Co-operation to ensure that programmed activities are carried out in a timely, efficient, strategic and effective manner
  3. Providing expert policy advice to the Head of Mission, Deputy Head of Mission, Mission Senior Staff and other organizations on the security situation in BiH, First Dimension areas of engagement and related Mission work;
  4. Maintaining appropriate liaison with relevant international organizations, stakeholders and domestic institutions, including security and defence related bodies, embassies, civil society and other counterparts;
  5. Providing guidance to all departmental staff to achieve established goals; initiating formulation and dissemination of guidelines and other tools to set standards for security sector activities; ensuring the department’s compliance with organizational policies and principles; and overseeing the department’s strategic, budget and personnel planning.