• Perform duties as part of a tactical team providing armed response
  • Utilize special weapons and tactics— “shoot, move, and communicate”
  • Establish blocking force to delay or deny threat elements
  • Conduct search and clear operations of facilities and areas when required
  • Establish cordons and entry/traffic control to areas identified as a public hazard
  • Train and mentor Host Nation QRF security elements
  • Conduct training of posted sentries as required
  • Participate in advanced security preparations. Perform personnel protective service detail assignments if required (Amber Zone)
  • Conduct riot/crowd control/disbursement operations as required
  • Coordinate and liaise with all other sections within Security Group for response to situations as directed by the Team Leader, Assistant Team Leader or Response Force Manager
  • Responsible for supporting efforts that impact security operations including coordination with IQAF counterparts to work in concerted effort
  • Participate in daily briefings and training
  • Remain cognizant of emerging threats and vulnerabilities that may adversely impact the program and communicate them to the Team Leader, Assistant Team Leader or BDOC
  • Act in accordance with and enforce all applicable policies, rules, regulations and laws of Host Nation and US governments, and Corporate, Program and Security management offices.
  • Other duties as assigned by management