Contributes and supports the achievement of the overall goals of the Department and the Division, especially on the United Nations system-wide protection coordination in a systematic and coordinated manner;
• Participates in the development of a coherent policy framework and standard operating procedures for close protection operations in the United Nations, in particular with regard to risk criteria to determine needs and the resulting requirements for training and equipment.
• Contributes to the establishment of the strategic objectives of the unit; recommends and conducts research in support of close protection strategy design and implementation.
• Supports the development of the Unit’s work plan, monitors and ensures implementation, producing periodic updates on the status of the Unit’s projects.
• Establishes and oversees external and internal communications, workflow within the Unit, and effective and efficient service delivery.
• Ensures timely implementation of the daily tasks.
• Monitors and coordinates close protection operations within the united Nations system;
• Assesses and collaborates with relevant UN and non-UN entities on the deployment of close protection assets to meet operational needs throughout the United Nations system.
• Ensures the availability of a Close protection (CP) stand-by capability to include personnel, standardized weapons, ammunition and specialized equipment,
• Advises on the initial deployment strength of the CP assets.